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I recognize myself within a performative line, but one that is related to a revisionist concept, linked to the world of painting and seeking a process of rupture from form and language. I am interested in silent, delicate, small, powerful actions. In this sense, my referents from previous generations belong simultaneously to the visual arts, dance and theater, because they are combined in me like that. They are Marina Abramovic, Janine Antoni, Anthony Gormly, Francesca Woodman, Richard Long, Pina Bausch, Sasha Waltz, Lygia Clark, Anish Kapur, Rebecca Horn, Sophie Calle, DV8, Vanessa Beecroft, Margarita Bali, Norman Mc Claren, Zbigniew Rybczyński, Oscar Bony. Some others are Gerome Bell, Laura Kalauz, Diana Szeinblum, Edgardo Mercado, Leandro Erlich, Nicola Constantino, Tony Orrico, Ananke Asseff, Ernesto Ballesteros, Leonel Luna, Ciro Zorzoli, Eugenia Estévez, Grupo Krapp, El Descueve. I identify myself with artists who are on the edge of languages and use several formats to perform their work.