PLAY – work in progress.

Media: Action, Installation, Video Art

Years: 2014-2015


A photographic image always about to defeat itself because it is made of living material. Making specific actions, possible everyday acts maybe. Observing movement so as to design a perspective of tiny details. Bouncing a ball against the wall, painting one’s lips, triggering an alarm, kissing the wall, losing things. I imagine a field of action, a scheme to defeat. Designing shared platforms, a live action, an action that leaves a mark, an action for the camera. It has three simultaneous instances.

A research process, rehearsal of the actions to be developed both for the camera and in situ. Using these actions built by condensing an act, I will make the most out of an event by repeating it until it becomes saturated and a new event is generated. That is, how long does it take for something to happen?

Actions to analyze are:

• Kissing the wall
• Kissing the body
• Erasing the kisses with CIF Cream
• Bouncing a ball
• Triggering alarms
• Losing things